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Close Call Collection

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Get this great bullet beer glass

Introducing the Close Call Collection, three captivating glasses that push the boundaries of design and make a bold statement. Each glass in this collection is sold separately and features a bullet lodged into the side, creating a visually stunning and conversation-starting detail that adds a touch of daring to your drinkware.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Close Call Collection showcases a unique fusion of elegance and edginess. The bullet inlays serve as a powerful symbol of close calls and remind us to appreciate life's thrilling moments. These glasses become a conversation piece, sparking curiosity and fascination.

As you enjoy your favorite beverages from the Close Call glasses, you'll not only savor the taste but also appreciate the craftsmanship that went into creating these exceptional pieces. Each glass is meticulously designed for comfort and functionality, ensuring a secure grip and enhancing your overall drinking experience.

Whether you're a collector of unique glassware or someone who embraces the excitement of life's close calls, the Close Call Collection is the perfect addition to your drinkware repertoire. Make a statement and embrace the thrill with these remarkable glasses that leave a lasting impression.


Bullet beer glass collection specifications below

A: 385ml / 13.2 fl oz
B: 560ml / 19 fl oz
C: 500ml / 18 fl oz

A: H: 14.7cm
B: H: 12cm
C: H: 13.2cm

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I got some glasses for my husband for his new daily glasses! First time I have seen him do his dishes for a while! Thank you!

Laura W.
San Jose, CA

I love all of these mugs! I am running out of cabinet space lol

Marc F.
Baltimore, MD

Finally tossed out my old glasses for these new ones. I have been looking for a place to get some nice beer glasses and mugs! Looks like I found it!

Floyd R.
New York, NY

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